What's Inside Your First Canadian DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box?

DuraPaw Dog Subscription Box Canada Boxing Theme

If you haven't heard by now, DuraPaw has launched their new Canadian Dog Subscription Box and the secret is out the bag! In this article we will be giving a deeper insight as to what comes inside your first DuraPaw box.

DuraPaw Exclusive Boxing Glove

DuraPaw Exclusive Durable Boxing Glove Dog Toy

This boxing glove was designed in Canada and makes a fun interactive toy to play with your dog. 

Durable Rubber Tire

DuraPaw Interactive Dog Toys Durable Pet Supplies Store

This tire is made of 100% durable natural rubber and comes in multiple sizes depending on your dogs breed. The inside walls of the tire can be stuffed with treats, kibble and paste just like a Kong toy.

Rope Ball (Speed Bag)

DuraPaw Dog Rope Toy Pet Supplies Store

When your training to become a Professional Boxer it is important to hit the speed bag everyday! This rope toy is perfect for playing tug-of-war with your dog and can double as a soft chew toy.

Boxing Glove Treats 

 DuraPaw Lucky Mutt Dog Treats

These dog treats are designed exclusively for our DuraPaw Boxing Theme Pack by The Lucky Mutt (click here to learn more about Lucky Mutt Dog Treats!). You will receive some delicious Peamutt butter or Cheese treats with your pack! If you dog has any allergies these can be substituted for an additional premium toy as well.

DuraPaw Exclusive Boxing Dog Bandana

 DuraPaw Boxing Theme Dog Bandana Subscription Box Canada

As your dog trains this month to become the Professional Boxer they are, they are surely to work up a sweat! Throw on this bandana to catch the sweat and box in style!

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We hope this article helped give you more insight as to what will come inside of your first DuraPaw dog subscription box! If you have more questioned you can email DuraPaw directly at hello@durapaw.ca or contact them through their Contact Page.