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DuraPaw Cute Dog Bowtie Collars Canada

Cute Dog Bow Ties Canada

Time to look pawsitively fetching with a stylish and cute dog bowtie!
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Birthday Bow Tie Velcro Accessory
Sale price$10.00 CAD
Save 15%
Colorful Shark Dog Bow Tie Wearable Pet Accessory Durable Shark Dog Bow Tie Wearable Pet Accessory
Colorful Shark Dog Bow Tie
Sale priceFrom $8.47 CAD Regular price$10.00 CAD
Crazy Cow Cute Pattern Dog Bow Tie
Sale priceFrom $8.47 CAD
Save 46%
DuraPaw Bunny Bowtie Dog Accessory Canada Cute Design DuraPaw Cute Bunny Dog Bowtie Accessory Canada
Cute Bunny Bow Tie Dog Accessory | Canadian Design
Sale priceFrom $5.45 CAD Regular price$10.00 CAD
Save 30%
DuraPaw Logo Dog Bowtie Accessory Canada Dog Bandana Bow Tie Accessory
DuraPaw Dog Bow Tie Accessory
Sale price$6.99 CAD Regular price$9.99 CAD

1 color available

Save 15%
Cute Fun Breakfast Dog Themed Bow Tie Green Eggs Ham
Breakfast Delight Dog Bow Tie
Sale priceFrom $8.47 CAD Regular price$10.00 CAD

Dog Bow Ties Canada FAQ:

Are dog bow ties safe?

Yes, our dog bow ties are designed with safety in mind. Unlike traditional tie-on bow ties that can pose a choking hazard, our bow ties are designed to attach securely to your dog's collar. This design ensures that they stay in place while providing a stylish and safe accessory for your furry friend.

How do I choose the right size bow tie for my dog?

Finding the perfect size bow tie for your pup is simple! We make it easy and offer either small or large, which both easily attach to any existing dog collar. The large bow ties have a longer Velcro strap which would be better for thicker collars.

Do you offer any promotions or discounts for dog bow ties?

Yes, we often have special promotions and discounts for purchasing multiple bow ties. Keep an eye on our website for current offers and bundles.

Can I remove and reattach the bow tie easily to my dog's collar?

Absolutely! Our bow ties are designed for convenience. They easily attach and detach from your dog's collar, allowing you to switch them out for different occasions or wash them when needed.

How do I clean my dog's bow tie?

Cleaning your dog's bow tie is a simple process that helps keep it looking its best. For routine cleaning, spot clean any stained areas with warm water and mild soap. Ensure the bow tie is thoroughly dry before reattaching it to your dog's collar.

Cute Dog Bow Ties Canada!

Our bow tie collection is all about quality, style, and safety. They easily attach to your dog's collar, making them a secure choice. We have sizes for all dogs, and our designs range from stylish to seasonal. Your pup can show their personality with our fashionable bow ties for any occasion. Explore our selection and let your dog's style shine!

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