DuraPaw Dog Lick Mats Canada Recipe Ideas
DuraPaw Dog Lick Mat Recipe Ideas Canada

Dog Lick Mats Canada

Upgrade your dog's mealtime experience with a new lick mat!
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What Is A Dog Lick Mat?

Dog lick mats are the latest craze in dog toys, providing your busy pup with hours of fun and stimulation.

Generally, a dog lick mat is a flat mat or bowl with grooves and ridges along the surface that is designed for your dog to lick. Apply your dogs favorite recipe spread deep into the grooves which makes it difficult to lick clean. You can also freeze your dogs lick mat to add an extra challenge.

Dog Lick Mats Canada

Dog Enrichment

Learn More About Dog Lick Mats

Dog Lick Mats have many enriching benefits for both you and your dog! Some key benefits include calming your dog through licking, slowing down feeding time, and reducing dog anxiety.

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3 Easy Dog Lick Mat Recipe Ideas!

Fresh Cut Banana & Kibble Dog Lick Mat Recipe

Mash banana into the deep grooves of the lick mat and spread some kibble around.

Yoghurt & Strawberries Dog Lick Mat Recipe

Spread some plain greek yogurt into the grooves of the lick mat. Top with fresh cut strawberries!

Peanut Butter & Blueberries Dog Lick Mat Recipe

This is a dog favorite lick mat spread! The infamous PB and blueberries spread.

Try one of these lick mat recipes at home!

With only a few simple ingredients and a little bit of love, you can create frozen treats that will have your pup licking their lips with anticipation.

There are many lick mat recipes that are both a tasty treat and healthy snack. Treat your pup to a delightful afternoon snack to help with mental stimulation and enrichment.

Dog Lick Mat FAQ's

Below is some question and answers to popular dog lick mat questions.

A dog lick mat is a flat, textured surface featuring grooves and ridges, designed to engage your dog in licking activity.

Dog lick mats are generally durable and designed for long-lasting use, but they are not meant to withstand chewing. To ensure longevity, remove the mat once your dog is done licking and never leave it unattended if you suspect your dog might chew on it.

There is no limit or guideline on how often to use a dog lick mat. However, be mindful of your dog's daily food intake by checking the recommended dosage on the back of their food bag. This will help you adjust their meals accordingly if you're using the mat with treats or food spreads.

Typically, dogs spend between 10-30 minutes licking the mat clean. To extend this time and add more of a challenge, you can:

  1. Freeze the lick mat before use.
  2. Use stickier ingredients on the mat.

Cleaning your new dog lick mat is easy! Put them in the dishwasher on the top rack, or wash in warm water with mild soap.

Dog Enrichment Toy Slow Feeders

Dog Enrichment Toys

Curious to learn more about dog enrichment toys? In this article we cover everything you may need to know about dog lick mats, snuffle toys and enrichment toys in general.

What Makes Dog Lick Mats So Great?

Without a doubt, lick mats are one of the most enriching slow feeders for your dog. What makes lick mats so great are the numerous benefits they provide. One of the most rewarding benefits is the calming effect that dogs receive from the act of licking. Let's explore some of the reasons why lick mats are great for dogs and how they can contribute to their overall well-being.