DuraPaw Dog Bow Tie Collars Canada
DuraPaw Cute Dog Bowtie Collars Canada

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How it Works

Upload the cutest and most fun videos and pictures of your pup to win free DuraPaw goodies!

Best Video

The best video chosen will get their next box absolutely FREE!

Application Rules

Must be an active subscriber or customer

To fetch those prizes, make sure you're an active subscriber or customer, wagging tails with our products.

Product as Main Focal Point

Let your pup's favorite DuraPaw toy steal the spotlight! Show us how they wag, play, and enjoy their favorite goodies.

Clear Images and Video

Picture pawfect moments and capture tail-wagging memories! Make sure your shots are as clear as day to showcase your furry friend in all their glory. Time to say cheese!

Stable Camera Handling

Keep those paws steady! Ensure your camera's as stable as a pup on a sunny day, so we can see every wag, jump, and zoom in crystal clear detail.

Winners will be announced every month on our social media pages and will also be spotlight featured on this page as well!

Tips and Tricks for Best Shots

Fetch some expert tips to make your shots sparkle! From finding the best lighting to capturing those candid moments, we've got all the tricks to make your furry friend shine like a star. Let's make memories that'll last fur-ever!

  • Natural Lighting
  • Capture Candid Moments
  • Background Consideration
  • Use Burst Mode
  • Stay Playful
  • Reward and Reinforce/li>