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THIS goes beyond expectations - 3 EXTRA large breed puppies share this item. Only wish I could afford another

Easily ordered quality dog toys

Very easy to setup an online account and have quality dogs toys delivered right to your house.

Love love love!!!

What a company!
I am so thrilled to have found a local supplier of affordable pup-stuff!! I purchased a box full of toys and treats and my dog absolutely loved every single thing. I am really impressed with the quality of product and cannot wait for our next order!!

Great toys

Great toys and durable

Fun selection

There is a fun selection in the box, durapaw worked with me since my dog has allergies, they accommodated my requests for changes in what toys I recieved. Their customer service is amazing. Their unique toys are my dogs favourites. I had another subscription with a u.s. box before this. But I cancelled it, durapaw has worked better for us.

My dog Hera received her first Durapaw box just before Halloween. She is enjoying the treats. The treats look homemade and wholesome. I was also impressed with the quality of the toys.

Quality and Value!

The toys are great- fun for my dog to play with, durable and mentally stimulating for Loki. I’ve had several other subscription boxes and this is my favourite!

Halloween Pumpkin Dog Toy is a Bedtime Must

I can usually find my dog played out and fallen asleep with this toy still in his mouth.

Loki’s Halloween toys

Loki received his first Durapaw box on Halloween so it was perfect to keep him occupied while the children were coming to the door for candy. The treat ball keeps him occupied for a long time as he loves the challenge to get the treats. He loves playing tugs with the ghost and also chews it. The peanut butter cookies were also a delicious new Halloween treat!


Subscribed just a few days before Halloween. We expected to receive the Halloween box after Halloween but it actually showed up on Halloween day! How amazing it that! The toys are great quality and our puppy very much enjoyed his treats! We are looking forward to future boxes for sure!

Brilliantly curated!

The bandana was adorable, he loved the cookies, the new ball was a big hit, but the best thing in the box? The plush crinkly pumpkin is his favourite. We have a toy box that would put a daycare to shame, and two weeks later he's still bringing me his jack o'lantern from our first box.

Great fun with this toy!

Lola, my pet, immediately started to wag her tail when she saw the pumpkin, and she grabbed it with her paws and teeth. She likes to play with it and has become one of her favourite toys.

Great box

The toys in Durapaw are great. They are perfect for mental stimulation for the dogs and they have yet to destroy them. Definitely will buy more!

Shark-a-doodle approved

We got the Halloween box and the same weekend she got a store bought stuffy. The DuraPaw pumpkin and ghost are still intact. Not even a tear. Can't say the same for the elephant who is missing parts and soon to be discarded. So impressed I signed up for more. Can't wait to see what they bring.

12 Month Plan - Ultimate Theme Pack

Durapaw Halloween Pack

Was the first box I purchased. My boys loved abd still love the toys. Their fun and interactive for both of them.

Large Triangle Dog Toy Treat Dispenser

Best Dog Box

I order the Dura Paws and my dogs love it. The interaction the owner does with customers is amazing. I have told everyone about it. Can't wait to get my other boxes

6 Month Plan - Ultimate Theme Pack

My dog and I love monthly boxes like every other being these days, it is a nice treat to receive a box full of treats and toys to keep me and my pup entertained!! We really appreciate the option to ship every 3 months as it truly helps us make it affordable and worth while!! We love to support local as well so when we saw how close this company was to home, we could not say no :)

3 Month Plan - Ultimate Theme Pack Brisebois
Busy Dogs = Happy Mom

I think as a dog mom I’m more in love with these toys then my dogs. My puppy is entertained , my littles love the plushies, and all four LOVE the themed treats!

Can’t wait for our next box ! Would highly recommend, especially for anyone with a busy dog(s).

Cute packaging, Durable toys

2/3 of the toys were durable and my puppy still obsesses over the tire. The boxing glove was their favourite and only last a day, but that’s to be expected with my older dog, it had really durable fabric but plush toys just don’t last in my house. They treats were all handmade and local. I really love that this is a locally made box.

Love our box this month!!

We have a 3 month plan for Max and we love when the boxes arrive. There are so many great and amazing chew toys for him. These toys are very durable. Max is a heavy chewer and these toys last him. Would definitely recommend this 100% for any heavy chewers.

Awesome Value

Love the excitement when the box arrives, she can’t wait to open it up and play, it’s a good value for durable toys that keep her entertained

My girls 🐶🐶 absolutely loved it‼️

I loved the option for extra toy or the treats . My girls loved the treats so I definitely recommend adding them to this box . So worth it!!

So glad that you loved your box! Thank you so much for the feedback!

Loved the box

We recommend this box 100% to anyone looking for durable tough toys for their dogs.

Hi! Thank you so much for your review and we are glad you loved our box!

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