Best New Puppy Checklist 2023 | New Puppy Supplies You Need

Checklist For New Puppies Supplies

New Puppy Checklist Supplies & Accessories

Updated: June 13, 2023

Getting a new puppy can be exciting, scary, and overwhelming all at the same time. So how can you prepare to make things a little bit easier? Be sure to go through our new puppy checklist for all the supplies you might need to get before bringing your new puppy home!

1. Puppy Crate and Bedding

We use and recommend the Midwest iCrate

The first supply on our new puppy checklist is a new puppy crate. It is recommended to have two crates, one for in the house and one for travel, but we know not all budgets can afford this. Adding cozy blankets and bedding will help your puppy feel comforted when you leave them alone for the first time. Also, adding in some of their favorite toys and treats will help make the transition of being alone or isolated easier. Crating your new puppy at night will help with separation anxiety and avoid any unwanted accidents on your bedding.

New Puppy Checklist Crate Training

2. Puppy Toys

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For new puppies it is best to have a variety of exciting plush dog toys, dog puzzle games (to help with mental stimulation), rubber treat dispensers, and soft rubber bones that aide with teething. Dog toys are essential for stimulating your new puppy and this will help prevent any unwanted household damage to your furniture, drywall, and cushions.

3. Puppy Food

Food is one of the most important things to focus on when getting a new puppy. Your new puppy will thrive with a stable and healthy diet. Most dog food companies have various food types for the different stages of your dog’s life. Its always important to ensure your pup gets quality ingredients. When reading the ingredients list, make sure the first ingredient is a named protein – like chicken, beef, kangaroo etc. and try to avoid by-products like wheat or soy.

4. Puppy Treats

We recommend The Lucky Mutt Dog Treats!

Healthy treats are a great way to play and stimulate your new puppy. You can utilize treats in your favour by rewarding good behavior such as going pee and poo outside. If you plan to teach your pup lots of new tricks, be sure to look for the low-calorie training treats. Alternatively, you can use their dinner kibble as a training reward as well, just be sure that you minus it from their meal so you don’t accidentally overfeed them everyday.

5. Choose a Reputable and Recommended Vet

Continuing down your new puppy checklist supplies, choosing a reputable vet before your new puppy comes home is an important step you don’t want to miss. When you first bring your pup home from the breeder, you should schedule an appointment with your vet within the first few days to get that initial checkup. When you introduce your pup to the vet, make sure to speak with your vet on specific food brands to stay away from!

6. Puppy Proof Your Home

If you think your house is safe and clean, think again. New puppies will find a way to ingest something they weren’t supposed to. It is important to get down to their level and look around for anything that a puppy may want to put in their mouth and chew on. Don’t limit this to just your house either, you must also go through your backyard as well.

7. Dog Leash, Harness & Collar

New puppy checklist #7! Before you pick up your new puppy, you should visit a local pet store and pick up a good quality leash, collar, and harness! A fan favorite for us is a retractable leash. The retractable leash allows more control over your dog and also gives them the freedom by exploring more area and to learn new smells. For walks, we prefer the harness since the leash attaches to the back of the dog rather than to the collar around the neck.

8. Other necessary Puppy Supplies and Accessories

There are a few key puppy supplies you will want to pick up while you are at the pet store, such as, a dog bowl, dog brush, puppy shampoo, poop bags, and nail clippers. You may also want to consider pee pads if you live in an apartment or plan to leave them in a play pen for longer periods. Don't miss this important new puppy checklist step if you want early success!

9. Puppy Safety Gate

We use and recommend Petsmart Top Paw Pet Gate

A new puppy gate is highly recommended in the beginning stages. This will confine your new furry friend to specific areas of the house and makes potty training that much easier. The more rooms you allow your new puppy into, the more accidents you will encounter. We recommend keeping your puppy in a mudroom or small room located close to a door leading to the outside. As your puppy matures, you can move the gate around the house to allow access to more rooms.

10. Pet Insurance

We use and recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance

Don’t underestimate the importance of pet insurance. We have saved (literally) thousands of dollars by getting pet insurance right away. We recommend Trupanion, as they have never questioned a claim and most vets are very familiar with them and can direct bill. It is best to get pet insurance right away for your new puppy to insure you are covered for everything! Any conditions are found prior to obtaining your new puppy pet insurance may not be covered.

11. Puppy Training Classes

Puppy training classes are a great way to safely socialize your new pup to the outside world. The training provided in these classes will teach your new puppy basic commands, socialization, and obedience. Although some classes may be costly, it is very valuable to teach your new puppy good habits as quick as possible.

12. Snuggle Puppy Sleeping Buddy

We recommend the Amazon Snuggle Puppy!

We couldn't recommend this snuggle puppy toy enough! It has a heating pad and heartbeat simulator inside which calms and relaxes your puppy so they can have a good night sleep. This can be a great training tool to help your puppy feel comforted and trust their new crate.

Lets Summarize: Everything you need when bringing home a new puppy!

In the blink of an eye, your dog will be through the puppy stages. We hope our new puppy checklist was able to help navigate you through the early stages. Having the proper tools ready will help reduce stress for yourself, your family and your new puppy!