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SodaPup Honey Comb Dog Lick Mat Design | Reduce Dog Separation Anxiety

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Honey Comb Dog Lick Mat Design

Let your dog release their inner "Lick Jagger"! Spread your dogs favorite recipes on this honey comb design Dog Lick Mat enrichment slow feeder!

This Dog Lick Mat features a repeated honey comb pattern and is of moderate difficulty.

Key Benefits of a Lick Mat for Your Dog

  • Calm your dog through licking and reduce dog anxiety (Licking releases endorphins and serotonin, which regulate anxiety and help your dog feel calm and less anxious)
  • Entertain your pet
  • Use as a slow feeder to help with dog digestion
  • Mentally stimulate your dog and feed their natural instinct to hunt for their food
  • Help your dog fight boredom
  • Reduce problem behaviors such as destructive chewing and separation anxiety

Dog Lick Mat Ideas and Recipes

Some great starter ideas to spread your dogs lick mat with are:

  • Natural Peanut butter
  • Canned pet food
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Yogurt (plain)
  • Mushed Banana
  • Consult your vet for a complete list of foods that are suitable for your pet.

Dog Lick Mat Size

8" wide, 8" tall, 0.25" thick. 5.5 oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 510 reviews
Box of adventures!

This was our first time with a subscription service and it was definitely a treat! A few fun toys to try with our puppy, some new treats to test and a fun bow tie which was great for those puppy photos!!! Thank you!!

Shelbie N.
One happy customer

I had requested plush only toys cause that’s all my dog will play with, that’s exactly what we got. We can even hide treats in a couple of them! My pup is one happy gal

Marley Hyslop
Loving durapaw!

My dog is loving his DuraPaw toys! He chooses to play with them over any other ones he has! Great toys for a great price. It’s a win-win!

Natasha boss


Alisha K and Connor
The best box ever!!

My pup is only a 1 year old beagle but he destroys ANY toy I buy him and requires so much stimulation. DuraPaw boxes have been the only toys to survive him and the enrichment toys are the best! they are his go-to toys before any other toy. The treats that come in the box are awesome as well! I love that they have a new theme every month. I stopped buying him toys from the pet store cause he just destroys them too easily and it's saved me so much money paying $25 a month for a year and getting a BUNCH of toys that have lasted and a bag of treats is just so much more worth the money.
*The bandanas are so awesome please send more! -Connor*

* I also remember buying my puppies first toys from the guy at southgate mall (i believe he was the owner) around christmas when my pup was only I believe 12 weeks old at the time and TO THIS DAY the only toys to still survive! I purchased the blue shark, tire, red treat rolling dispenser as it was his recommendation for good starter toys!